The San Mateo County Democratic Party (also known as the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee, or SMC DCC) invites Democrats running for county, city or school district office in San Mateo County to apply for the Democratic Party endorsement.

The endorsement process includes four steps:

1. The timely submission (by the deadline stated on the application, unless extended) of a written application for endorsement (which consists of a completed application form, questionnaire, and resume) via email. The application materials must be submitted as a single pdf file.

2. A mandatory interview by the SMC DCC endorsement committee.

3. Deliberations by the endorsement committee, which makes recommendations to the full SMC DCC.

4. A meeting of the full SMC DCC, which makes all endorsement decisions. An endorsement requires a 60% vote of members (elected and ex officio) present and voting. A list of SMC DCC members is available on the DCC web site.

For more information, or for a copy of the application, please contact SMC DCC endorsement committee at endorsement@sanmateodemocrats.org


The San Mateo County Democratic Party (also known as the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee, or SMC DCC) makes the Democratic Party endorsements regarding local (county, city, school, and special district) ballot measures in San Mateo County.

Proponents and opponents of such measures are invited to submit information to the SMC DCC endorsement committee at endorsement@sanmateodemocrats.org. Such information should be submitted as early as possible.


Treasurer Lockyer and Superintendent of Public Instruction Torlakson [link tohttp://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr13/yr13rel12.asp] have called for a moratorium on the use of Capital Appreciation Bonds (CABs) by California school districts. The proponents of any school bond measure should therefore inform the SMC DCC of whether their measure would authorize the issuance of CABs.

If the measure would authorize the issuance of CABs then the proponents should provide detailed information regarding the terms, structure and total cost of the any CABs that will be issued, as well as the justification for the District's use of CABs. Such information should be sent to endorsement@sanmateodemocrats.org.

Endorsements for November 2013

The San Mateo County Democratic Party convened in a Special Meeting on August 29, 2013 to vote on the Party's official Endorsements for the November 2013 General Election.

Belmont City Council

Warren Lieberman*

Eric Reed

Charles Stone


Brisbane City Council

Cliff Lentz*


Burlingame City Council

Russ Cohen

Ann Keighran*

Ricardo Ortiz


Millbrae City Council

Reuben Holober

Ann Schneider


Redwood City Council

Ernie Schmidt


San Bruno City Council

Rico Medina*


San Carlos City Council

Cameron Johnson


San Mateo City Council

Joe Goethals

David Lim*

Robert Ross*


South San Francisco City Council

Liza L. Normandy

Kate Mackay

Maurice Dupra Goodman


South San Francisco City Council - Two Year Seat

Karyl Matsumoto*


San Mateo County Community College District

Richard Holober*

Tom Mohr


Belmont-Redwood Shores School District

Suvarna Bhopale


Jefferson Elementary School District

Rebecca Douglass*


San Bruno Park School District

Henry Sanchez*


Sequoia Union High School District

Georgia Jack

Alan Sarver*


Local Measures:

P - San Mateo-Foster City School Bond YES

Q - Portolla Valley Utility Tax - Temporary Reduction NEUTRAL

R - Belmont-Redwood Shores School Parcel Tax YES

S - Las Lomitas School Bond YES

T - Brisbane Business License Tax YES

U - Foster City Business License Tax YES

V - Pacifica Utility Users Tax YES

W - Menlo Park School Bond YES

X - Atherton Parcel Tax YES


*Denotes incumbent